“Invite them to this sacred place to explore their and our psyche (soul)
along with the relaxation of the holiday”




Boven de ingang van de tempel van Apollo in Delphi stond een oud gezegde: ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ, wat betekent jezelf kennen. Dit was een aansporing om onszelf zeker te kennen voordat we de andere mensen om ons heen probeerden te leren kennen.

Dit is de filosofie van ons persoonlijk leven en ons bedrijf. Allereerst om ons potentieel te leren kennen en vervolgens met vertrouwen, beleefdheid en bescheidenheid om anderen, onze klanten, te bereiken. Om hen uit te nodigen op deze heilige plek om hun en onze psyche (ziel) te verkennen samen met de ontspanning van de vakantie.

Daarboven in de tempel van Apollo werd ook een ander gezegde geschreven: ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ, dat niets overdreven zegt, liefhebben bescheiden te zijn. In deze filosofie proberen we onze kinderen te onderwijzen: de matiging, respect voor de universele waarden van vrede, philoxenia (gastvrijheid) en fair play. Respect voor het milieu en leven in harmonie met de natuur.

Delphi Camping is een plek waar de oude metron - matiging - en harmonie samengaan met het Delphische landschap en de oudste olijfgaard van Europa. We kijken ernaar uit u te ontmoeten in Delphi.

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    In Delphi the harmony that bound men and their gods is still apparent. Photographs cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Nor can words express the emotions that this holy place provokes. The eagles, dispatched by Zeus to find the centre of the earth, met here, at Delphi. This is where the god Apollo founded his sanctuary when he killed the dragon Python. The most renowned oracle in ancient times was located in this corner of Central Greece.

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    As picturesque and atmospheric as an island and framed by a beautiful mountainside, this coastal town retains all the prestige and stately air of its nautical legacy. A quiet town in Central Greece, tucked away deep in the Corinthian Gulf, on the coast of the Krisaikos bay, Galaxidi is sheltered from the wind by the reassuring presence of the mountains which range around it.

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  • De onderwaterwereld van de Corinthean Golf is uniek. Maak kennis met de duikers van ons gebied die je zullen introduceren de geheimen van de zee.

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  • The wines of Delphi have made a name for themselves. Delphi can boast many years of tradition in the art of winemaking.

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  • On Mt Parnassos more than 50 trails, unravel through stunning scenery, perfect for hiking lovers.

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During your holidays in the Delphi Camping, make the most of all the facilities and infrastructures available. With a restaurant, bar, laundry and more, we've thought of everything! Come and enjoy some great times with your family or friends with a glass of something nice at the campsite bar. You can also try some Greek specialities at the restaurant with its panoramic view of the Delphi Valley.

English, French, German, italian, Greek speaking reception.

We accept VISA, MASTER and MAESTRO credit cards.






On Mt Parnassos more than 50 trails, unravel through stunning scenery, perfect for hiking lovers.

The Olive oil ´mer des olivier de Delphes´ is rich in flavour and delicious on the palate with excellent organoleptic characteristics. With passion as weapon and hard work that we inherited from our parents and starting by the olive groves of our ancestors, we aim to highlight the quality of the oil of our region and make it known among connoisseurs and lovers of the olive oil around the world. To bring back the Olive oil of Delphi to the high position that we believe it deserves!!


COVID-19 Hygienic protocols applied in Delphi Camping (2)

Delphi Camping follows and applies all hygienic protocols announced by the Greek governement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic with a heightened sense of responsibility. Our most important concern is the safety of our clients.

The following is a list of the main components of the hygiene protocol:

  • Ongoing disinfection and cleaning of common areas, WC, electric supply boxes etc.
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants in the common areas for use by our guests
  • Maintaining the safety distance between the individual camping pitches
  • Cooperation with a doctor
  • Check-in will take place according to the rules of distance as described in the protocols
  • On arrival you will be informed in detail about the hygiene and safety rules

By applying the above mentioned measures, and with application of the personal hygiene rules by our customers, the Camping Delphi team promises you that we will do our best to make your holiday as safe as possible

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