Conditions générales de Delphi Camping

  1. The reservation form is an application for reservation and there is no commitmenton your part or the campsite's part.
  2. Your reservation is only valid after the deposit of 30% of the total amount or any other amount agreed.
  3. Visitors who have not made a reservation are served upon arrival by the reception department, depending on daily availability. Groups Reservations are not possible with our on-line reservation system, but the can be made by email communication and bank deposit after agreement. In case that a group reservation is made by using our on-line reservation system it will be automatically deleted and the money will be refunded.
  4. Reservations can be made from 1 to 30 consecutive nights at the Camping. 
  5. Your pitch or accommodation will be available after 14:30.
  6. Pets are welcome on certain terms. Any case they cause problems (annoying barking, waste, or moving around off-leash) will be a reason for canceling the reservation. Pets are not allowed near the swimming pool
  7. Please familiarize yourselves with the campsite's Rules of Operation. The company reserves the right to discontinue your stay in case you violate the terms of the Rules of Operation.
  8. Extending your stay is not always feasible. The campsite personnel cannot guarantee that customers will remain at the same pitch, despite the personnel's effort.
  9. Only guests over 18 years old can be hosted. Younger guests must be accompanied by their parents throughout their entire stay.

Cancellation Policy

  1. In case you cancel your reservation, the payment shall be refunded only if the cancellation has been performed up to 2 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.
  2. In case you cancel your reservation less than 2 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, you will be charged 50% of the amount of the deposit. 
  3. In case of cancellation of the reservation during your stay, you will be charged 50% of the remaining amount for the period that you stated.


Protocoles hygiéniques COVID-19 appliqués dans Delphi Camping

Delphi Camping suit et applique tous les protocoles d'hygiène annoncés par le gouvernement grec concernant la pandémie de COVID-19 avec un sens accru des responsabilités. Notre préoccupation la plus importante est la sécurité de nos clients.

Voici une liste des principaux composants du protocole d'hygiène:

  • Désinfection et nettoyage continus des parties communes, WC, boîtiers électriques, etc.
  • Antiseptiques et désinfectants dans les espaces communs à l'usage de nos clients
  • Maintenir la distance de sécurité entre les emplacements de camping individuels
  • Coopération avec un médecin
  • L'enregistrement se fera selon les règles de distance décrites dans les protocoles
  • À votre arrivée, vous serez informé en détail des règles d'hygiène et de sécurité

En appliquant les mesures mentionnées ci-dessus et en appliquant les règles d'hygiène personnelle de nos clients, l'équipe du Camping Delphi vous promet que nous ferons de notre mieux pour rendre vos vacances aussi sûres que possible.

Site officiel concernant le COVID-19: