Le Delphi Camping sera ouvert du 3er janvier au 31 décembre 2022.
Protocoles hygiéniques COVID-19 appliqués dans Delphi Camping


"Vous êtes invités dans ce lieu sacré pour explorer votre psyché (âme) avec la détente de vos vacances."


07 Jui 2023
08 Jui 2023




    In Delphi the harmony that bound men and their gods is still apparent. Photographs cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Nor can words express the emotions that this holy place provokes. The eagles, dispatched by Zeus to find the centre of the earth, met here, at Delphi. This is where the god Apollo founded his sanctuary when he killed the dragon Python. The most renowned oracle in ancient times was located in this corner of Central Greece.


    As picturesque and atmospheric as an island and framed by a beautiful mountainside, this coastal town retains all the prestige and stately air of its nautical legacy. A quiet town in Central Greece, tucked away deep in the Corinthian Gulf, on the coast of the Krisaikos bay, Galaxidi is sheltered from the wind by the reassuring presence of the mountains which range around it.






During your holidays in the Delphi Camping, make the most of all the facilities and infrastructures available. With a restaurant, bar, laundry and more, we've thought of everything! Come and enjoy some great times with your family or friends with a glass of something nice at the campsite bar. You can also try some Greek specialities at the restaurant with its panoramic view of the Delphi Valley.

English, French, German, italian, Greek speaking reception.

We accept VISA, MASTER and MAESTRO credit cards.

Nous offrons un service de réveil matinal et une bagagerie






Location description

In Arahova(1000m altitude), which is the skiers city during the winter time, you will find beautiful carpets and local cheese. In Eptalofo' s tavernas unter the Platan trees you can eat local lamp chops with local wine.

Kirra is a fishermen village 1 km away from Itea. On the road to Desphina there are a few nice places to swim.

Ancient Etolic city. The acropolis is dated from the   600 B.C. You may visit the ancien monastery (11th century A.C.) of the "Saver" on the west side of the city.

Itea is 14km away from the camping. You will find a nice place to swim and of course many tavernas with fresh fish.

The mountain PARNASS is the mythical place where the 9 muses lived. The cave of Korykion Andron is the exact place where they stayed according to the greek mythology. In winter time there are two ski centers fully equiped with ski lifts and beautiful chalets.


07 Jui 2023
08 Jui 2023

Protocoles hygiéniques COVID-19 appliqués dans Delphi Camping

Delphi Camping suit et applique tous les protocoles d'hygiène annoncés par le gouvernement grec concernant la pandémie de COVID-19 avec un sens accru des responsabilités. Notre préoccupation la plus importante est la sécurité de nos clients.

Voici une liste des principaux composants du protocole d'hygiène:

  • Désinfection et nettoyage continus des parties communes, WC, boîtiers électriques, etc.
  • Antiseptiques et désinfectants dans les espaces communs à l'usage de nos clients
  • Maintenir la distance de sécurité entre les emplacements de camping individuels
  • Coopération avec un médecin
  • L'enregistrement se fera selon les règles de distance décrites dans les protocoles
  • À votre arrivée, vous serez informé en détail des règles d'hygiène et de sécurité

En appliquant les mesures mentionnées ci-dessus et en appliquant les règles d'hygiène personnelle de nos clients, l'équipe du Camping Delphi vous promet que nous ferons de notre mieux pour rendre vos vacances aussi sûres que possible.

Site officiel concernant le COVID-19: covid19.gov.gr